Heavy Duty Floor Paint For Workshop

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Heavy Duty Floor Paint For Workshop

Resin Flooring HQ Ltd has many years experience dealing with commercial flooring projects as we continue to work alongside some of the industry’s most well-known and respected manufacturers. We possess an extensive portfolio of past Industrial flooring jobs as Industrial flooring contractors and have subsequently adapted our services to meet the requirements of numerous thriving business environments. We have flooring solutions that are ideal for almost any kind of commercial business environment, balancing the need for a stylish appearance alongside exceptional durability and functionality. This means that our floors are perfect for everything from hotels and restaurants to shops and more in your town or city.

Professional, State Of The Art Flooring Techniques
We do everything we can to ensure all our stylish Industrial flooring solutions exceed your highest expectations and meet all set health and safety requirements. In order to achieve the best possible results we utilise state-of-the-art flooring methods and techniques, including diamond grinding for the removal of old floor paint and applying epoxy resin quartz screed for a beautifully contemporary, stylish and decorative finish.

Through a combination of our hugely experienced team and a partnership with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we can guarantee a flooring system that meets your expectations.

Heavy Duty Floor Paint For Workshop

We have a substantial amount of experience working for a multitude of different clients, so we are fully prepared to work with a specific time frame in mind. Our experience with different project requirements means we can provide for an entire building or just a single room, whether you are a contract manager, an architect or a property developer.

Our flooring techniques are utilised with the consideration of health and safety at all times so that we can promote a cleaner, healthier and safer commercial environment for you.

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