Frequently Asked Questions

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With so many different materials and applications for resin flooring we understand potential clients may have a number of questions. Below are some of the ones we feel come up very often. We would also encourage you to contact us with any more specific questions about our services, products and their uses.

40 Years Experience

As a company we have over 40 years experience in flooring across many industries  and from that we are confident we can help you find the right flooring for the the job. You may also have questions about how we work, time scale, related services and even customer testimonials, we are happy to help and discuss any of these things on the phone or via email.

Do you do domestic flooring projects?

Unfortunately not, we are specialists in carrying out flooring installations on commercial and industrial projects.

Is there a minimum/maximum size of project that you will take on?

No job too big, No job too small.

What are the required conditions for a resin flooring to be installed?

Areas must be dry, clear from debris and ready for us to start.

How soon after the concrete has been laid can the resin flooring be installed?

Polyurethane Screed after 7 days depending on how much water has been used in the concrete, and site conditions. Plus we do have a Resin Liquid Damp Proof Membrane.

If I have an existing concrete floor can your resin flooring be installed?

Yes of course! We would just need to carry out a site survey.

After installation how soon will the floor be usable?

From 6 hours up to 24 depending on which flooring materials you require.

Do you carry out operations during weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we find weekends and public holidays very busy for our team.

Do you manufacture as well as install your flooring system?

No, We only install floors. Our flooring systems are supplied by the highest quality manufacturers.