Aerospace Flooring

The aerospace sector requires specialist flooring in order to protect aeronautical vehicles and equipment, as well as keep those working on the premises safe. Most of the time, the vehicles are parked in hangars which serve as the base for countless complex activities and structures. The aerospace sector involves expensive assets, corrosive products and countless work spaces, so this creates a unique need for a flooring solution that can accommodate these needs.

We provide a range of flooring solutions for the aerospace industry. We provide anti-slip flooring to protect workers and visitors, as well as hardwearing flooring options that can withstand thermal and chemical shock and have the strength to support large vehicles and heavy equipment, without showing signs of damage.

We deliver high-performance, stain-resistant epoxy and resin flooring solutions that can be used in a variety of spaces, from hangars and maintenance areas to control rooms and aircraft testing workspaces.

Hanger Flooring Designed for Impact

Resin floors and epoxy resin can be installed quickly and provide a seamless surface for greater hygiene and easier maintenance. Resin and epoxy floors are incredibly robust and can protect against potential damage, making for a great investment in workspaces where heavy machinery and materials are being used.

Our floors are designed to cope with unique environments, such as those in the aerospace sector, to prevent damage or reduce safety hazards. An industry as busy and intense as the aerospace sector demands a hardwearing floor that won’t deteriorate in quality. Resin and epoxy floors have a high footfall tolerance, which is vital in busy environments to create an efficient work environment.

Epoxy coatings are best suited to this industry as they deliver a high level of chemical-resistance, to cope with corrosive aviation fluids, and are anti-slip for added safety. It’s easy to mark crossings and demarcation lines, as well as corporate logos or hatched areas to separate different zones.

Epoxy is tough enough to withstand constant traffic from vehicles and forklift traffic, but it’s also available in a wide variety of colours so it’s great for aesthetic appeal as well, from gloss and matte finishes to aggregates. The wide range of colours and finishes available enhance the appeal of using epoxy coatings. They add a visual attraction to enhance the overall look of the space, but they can also be used to create lines and foot printing to showcase where it is safe to walk, something that is used to great effect in the aerospace industry to minimise accidents.

Aerospace Flooring Expertise

The aerospace sector has unique solutions that can be damaging to certain materials – we have the expertise to choose the right materials for the job to ensure that the floor remains in great condition for many years to come and can stand up to the demanding nature of this industry.

We’ll discuss your requirements and assess the environment in order to create a system that works for your specific business needs, as well as the look you want to achieve. Resin Flooring works with reliable and respected manufacturers to ensure the highest quality materials and to guarantee that the final result is suitable for the business environment.

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Our flooring options are always designed with safety in mind, to ensure that your commercial environment is suitable and protects both the workspace and staff alike. Using a combination of a professional and experienced team and high-quality products, we can ensure that you have a flooring system that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Call us today for a quote or for more information on the flooring options we provide.