A Guide To Resin Flooring Installation

Resin Flooring HQ

At Resin Flooring HQ, we work with clients in a wide variety of industries and have provided high-quality resin flooring systems to meet very diverse requirements. Our recent projects have included aircraft hangars, breweries, cosmetic laboratories and university buildings, to name but a few! The versatility of resin flooring means that there is no set process for installation, as the precise treatment and timelines will vary according to the size and demands of the space that it’s going in.

Our Easy Steps

In the initial stages of your project, one of our experienced surveyors may conduct a visit to your site. This is to make sure we fully understand your needs and the requirements of the space, such as unusual features, drainage or joint work. From this, we will be able to provide you with a quote for the work, and if you are satisfied with our proposal we will schedule your project. At this stage, our surveyor will also go through any specific preparation we will require you to take before our installation team arrive, to ensure they can work quickly and effectively.



For a long-lasting resin coating, it’s vital that the surface beneath it is clean, intact and capable of supporting the required traffic; whether that’s the constant footfall of a commercial kitchen, or the weight of warehouse forklifts.

If your existing floor is fit for purpose, in most cases we will need to prepare it by mechanical grinding or blast-cleaning, to ensure that our materials can securely bond to the surface. Contaminants such as grease, solvents or oil will need to be cleaned away, and any loose material (dirt, flaking paint or damaged substrate) must be removed. Damaged areas and cracks may be repaired, either using an epoxy repair mortar or with a fibreglass covering.

Floors that will not offer adequate support for the intended traffic or do not provide a good key foundation durable resin coating will need to be removed until a clean, dry, sound aggregate is exposed.


Applying The Coatings


Finishing Touches

At Resin Flooring HQ, we are experts in all forms of commercial and industrial groundworks. As such, we will also supply and install any site drainage required, using stainless steel channels and pots to help you keep your flooring system clean, dry and safe. Before a project is considered complete, we will go through the details of your flooring warranty with us.

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