Confectionary Production

The confectionary industry has a unique set of requirements when it comes to flooring. From hygiene and employee safety to the durability and impact-resistance of the flooring you choose, confectionary producers need to ensure that the flooring solutions they choose can stand up to the demands of the sector. We offer a variety of high-performance flooring options, from resin and epoxy floors to anti-slip solutions and screeds that will keep the busy work environment as safe as possible.

High-Performance Flooring

We have a range of durable flooring solutions which are chemical and thermal-resistant, anti-slip and easy to maintain for health and safety purposes. Whether its durable epoxy floors which are seamless and hygienic or screeds which offer grip underfoot for high traffic areas, we offer flooring which is long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing. Business owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the flooring they’ve chosen has been designed and installed by trained experts.

In confectionary kitchens, extreme temperatures and heavy equipment are common, so it’s key that the flooring chosen is resistant to impact and thermal shock, as well as impervious to liquids, grease and oils. Confectionary manufacturers work with boiling liquids and this can create a dangerous environment if spillages occur. What’s more, floors in this environment need to be able to withstand harsh cleaning agents to keep the area sanitary and be free from seams and cracks which can harbour bacteria. Drainage can also be important in food preparation areas, so the flooring installed needs to be compatible with this.

Flooring Specialists

Our specialist team have many years’ experience in designing and installing flooring for commercial environments, including confectionary preparation areas. We can work closely with you to design a floor that not only meets the requirements of your business but also provides a cohesive look for your premises. The floors we offer come in a range of colours and finishes, including matte, gloss and aggregates that provide a decorative finish. We work with trusted manufacturers and the highest quality materials to deliver a long-lasting finish that we take pride in installing to the highest standard.

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Our team have the expertise to design a floor for your business that meets the demands of your business and is installed correctly for a long-lasting flooring system. If you need a new floor for your confectionary business that is hygienic, easy to maintain and looks great, contact us today for a quote or to learn more about the different options we provide.