Care Home Flooring

Care home flooring plays an integral role in the daily working and safety of a care home. From preventing slips and falls, to being easy to clean and not providing a place for bacterial growth. We take our flooring very seriously and never more than in care homes and hospitals. Whether you are looking to replace failing flooring or brand new flooring for a new wing or totally new building we can help. Our resin flooring solutions can be tailored to the requirements of the location and care home itself.

care home patientSafety Flooring for Care Homes

Our Care home flooring systems are slip resistant for a number of reasons. Clearly, all flooring in a care home should be designed to prevent residents from slipping and tripping. But it is also important in the event of any spillages and the regular cleaning regimes which could mean staff and visitors could slip too. We are able to offer differing levels of anti-slip depending on the area the flooring is intended for. Because our flooring is seamless it reduces the risk of any trip hazards too, where lesser flooring may lift over time our resin flooring will remain trip hazard free for years.

Hygienic Care Home Flooring

Our seamless resin flooring is perfect for a hygienic environment. Not only is it able to withstand chemical cleaning products but it minimises the areas where microbial growth could occur. It is critical that care homes are not breeding grounds for bacteria and other nasties so a seamless resin flooring solution is the perfect choice.

Our flooring is perfect for communal areas, kitchens bathrooms, and toilets as well as corridors and any medical areas within a care home. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Flooring for Care Homes

We are able to supply a wide range of different flooring options. In care homes, colour can be very important. While warm homely colours are important to create a cosey feeling it is also important to minimise strong colours that can overstimulate and cause confusion as well as glare. We can work with your team to make sure the flooring colours bring a warm feel to your care home but that also don’t cause any difficulties. We can supply resin flooring that is easy to keep clean to allow staff to maintain a high standard of hygiene. The ease of cleaning is more important now than ever with Covid-19 to consider. We also make our floors hardwearing so they are more sustainable because they need replacing less often. We know costs are critical so we also make sure your quote is as competitive as possible.

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