5 Important Aspects of Brewery Flooring

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We are doing more and more work in the brewing industry these days as the rise of the micro brewery continues. The requirements can be complicated when it comes to flooring and we often get asked for advice on the right materials and levels of tolerance needed for the industry. These enquires come from new comers to the market and from established players that are now suffering from poor flooring choices when they set up the brewery. Getting it right in the first instance is critical to saving money in the long run and ultimately making the business profitable.

Brewery Flooring being installed

When considering flooring for a brewery be it a nano, micro or much larger macro brewery, the issues are the same, and the flooring needs to be able to cope with many things;

1. The flooring must not allow or support the growth of bacteria, moulds or fungi. This may seem pretty obvious but it is a basic and critical consideration that must be addressed; hygienic flooring is a must.

2. All flooring must be capable of withstanding industrial cleaning. This cleaning could come in the form of chemicals, pressure washing or steam cleaning, all of which can take their toll on anything other than top quality materials.

3.Resistance to chemical attack is essential. We have already mentioned the need to be resistant to cleaning chemicals but there are other products used in brewing such a stabilizers and sanitisers in addition to those main floor cleaning products.

4. Whatever flooring you have, it must be able to stand up against high levels of compressions from heavy equipment. But it also needs to be able to handle abrasion and general wear and tear. Over the years a lot of things will be wheeled, dragged and walked all over the floor of a brewery, not to mention the odd accidentally dropped sharp or heavy object.

5. The floor needs to be safe! The surface needs to be slip resistant in the wet and dry, and adhere clearly with health and safety regulations. The material and how it is laid should provide a safe and even surface for all workers and their activities be it on foot or using wheeled devices.

In terms of materials,polyurethane resin flooring is the best choice. It is hard wearing, abrasion resistant, non-porous and able to withstand temperature shock. Polyurethane resin flooring has been very successfully used in the catering industry for some time for these reasons and more.

We are able to  provide the right advice as well as the right materials and skills to make sure your brewery flooring meets all of the above guidelines. Resin flooring also provide ongoing care for the flooring we install so if anything were to go wrong over time it would be dealt with right away, and as the years roll on we are able to support, repair or replace the flooring as needed.

As well as the flooring surface we also do a lot of ground works for the catering and brewing industry, this is another critical aspect of flooring that can sometimes be forgotten in the planning stages.

For more information on our work with brewery flooring and other catering industry flooring get in touch via our contact page or call 01444 405 261 today.

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