Hospital Flooring

We install high quality hospital grade flooring for hospitals, doctors and other healthcare buildings. Our seamless, non-slip and hygienic flooring is suitable for a wide range of healthcare applications. We are able to tailor the flooring solution to the requirements of the hospital and the location in which it will be laid. Get in touch today for a quote!

Hygienic Flooring for Hospitals

Naturally, hygiene is critical for all hospital flooring but there are some areas like operating theatres and ICU where it is even more important. Our hygienic flooring is seamless and resistant to the level of chemical cleaning needed to maintain hygiene standards as well as minimising areas where microbial growth could take hold.

Flooring For Hospitals

We can supply high quality resin hospital flooring in a range of colours to suit the environment from subtle colours for patient areas to bold colours for colour coded flooring areas and other applications. The level of anti-slip can also be changed to suit the hospital environment in which it is needed; safety is paramount but some places need a higher friction surface than others like a hospital kitchen for example.

Hard Wearing

Most parts of a hospital see very high levels of footfall, as well as trolley, bed and other wheeled equipment, use so need to be very hard wearing. Our flooring provides a long term solution even in high use areas. Any wear, cracking and lifting can result in trips, falls, microbial growth and simply an untidy look, so we make sure our hospital flooring solutions are going to withstand the intended use and more!

We work with you to select the right solution for your hospital; creating a supportive and safe environment for the patients, staff and visitors.  Regardless of the type of room, our team of experts can provide flooring that meets all your requirements. From reception areas to operating rooms, we understand that each area will have different needs and we can facilitate all these needs.

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