Heavy Duty Resin Flooring

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Heavy duty resin flooring is the most durable, impact & chemical resistant and long lasting of all the resin flooring types. It is typically 6-10mm but can be more if specified. The durability means it can be subject to very heavy traffic and impact for which most products will last 10-12 years although Resin Flooring HQ has laid floors which have lasted 20 years even under these conditions. Anti-static and hygienic antimicrobial products are available and all products have excellent resistance to a vast amount of chemicals.

Heavy-duty resin flooring is highly recommended for food processing areas or any areas where spillage may occur due to the slip resistance that can be obtained without the expense of upholding the hygiene and cleaning requirements.

The aggregate in the product could be marble, or a combination of coloured aggregates which will give a pleasing decorative finish, but still very durable, which is ideal for retail, leisure & hospitality floors. In fact, these floors are also ideally suited for most commercial situations, healthcare, workshops, cellars, and even aerospace facilities due to the wide-ranging characteristics of the products, depending on what the budget will allow.

Resin Flooring HQ has over 40 years of experience laying heavy duty flooring. There are several stages to laying a product and all must be carried out at a high level of quality to ensure there are no issues with the finished product.

Heavy Duty Resin Flooring is categorised as Type 8 by FeRFA.