Epoxy Resin Flooring

Hard-wearing, chemical-resistant solutions for high-traffic commercial or industrial areas.

Commercial Flooring

We have many years of experience supplying commercial and industrial resin flooring.

Industrial Flooring

 We provide a wide selection of industrial resin flooring for a wide range of applications and environments.

Industrial and Commercial Resin Flooring Contractors

We have years of experience in commercial resin flooring and industrial resin flooring. We work in a huge range of industries and create flooring for many applications. We can provide a bespoke resin flooring solution for any type of business from aircraft hangars to food preparation areas and from brewery flooring to commercial labs and so much more. Whatever industry or sector you are in; if you need a resin flooring or poured resin flooring solution that is hard wearing, slip-resistant, heat resistant or anything else then get in touch with our friendly team today and get a quote. We are experienced commercial flooring contractors working across the South East and in the rest of the UK we offer a high quality service with an equally high quality finish!

As well as the resin finish we also offer the full flooring service from drainage to screeding and more.

We realise the importance of reliable, strong and cost-effective flooring solutions in potentially damaging industries.

We have a highly experienced team of workers on board who carry out the resin floor installation service to the highest possible standard.

We work closely with leading material manufacturers such as Resdev, Altro, Ardex, Sherwin Williams and Resin Surfaces to ensure we can offer the best possible materials.

We also have a specialist in-house team who prepare method statements and detailed surveys that accommodate your production programme, resulting in minimal disruption to your daily routine.


Our Reviews

By investing in facilities, CHC Helicopters helps our customers to go further, do more and come home safely. The new resin flooring in our North Denes hangars, laid by Resin Flooring HQ Ltd, is just one example of how we maintain our bases to the highest standards.


Brewery Flooring

Our polyurethane resin flooring systems are the ideal choice for breweries, and make a great brewery floor coating, thanks to their suitability for use within alcohol processing and brewing environments.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring has to withstand intense demands, from heavy foot traffic on a daily basis to extreme conditions and high impact. It’s vital that the flooring you choose is durable, hygienic and safe.

Laboratory Flooring

Laboratory floors need to be able to resist chemicals without compromising hygiene and health standards. Polyurethane resin flooring systems will remain undamaged in the event of a concentrated chemical spillage.

Prestigious client base

We have built up a prestigious client base over the years whose requirements have ranged from heavy duty polyurethane screeds through to anti-slip epoxy paint coatings and decorative epoxy screeds.

We also specialise in water based polymer modified self-smoothing cementitious screeds.