Brewery Flooring

Brewery and microbrewery floors need to be capable of withstanding the steam and heat associated with breweries as well as providing a non-slip and hygienic surface to work upon. Our resin flooring system for breweries are hard wearing, non-porous and resistant to damage, crucial to maintaining safety around heavy brewery machinery.

Polyurethane flooring systems are the ideal choice for brewery flooring as they meet the health and safety requirements of food processing environments. In addition, the intense heat and steam within brewery facilities has no effect on our high quality resin flooring screeds.

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Laboratory Flooring

Laboratory flooring needs to be highly durable and slip resistant due to the chemicals it may be exposed to. Our polyurethane resin flooring is ideal for laboratories as it will withstand heat, chemical exposure and regular rigorous cleaning. We also provide seamless, corrosion and bacteria free resin flooring for laboratories that exceeds health and safety legislation.

Our laboratory resin flooring systems will remain undamaged in the event of a concentrated chemical spillage and always cope with intense heat and other meticulous chemical processes.

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Food Industry Flooring

Food industry flooring has to comply with various Food Safety and Health & Safety regulations. Our hygienic resin flooring systems and food processing floor coatings are specifically designed to comply with the strict requirements of the food industry from the heavy-duty screeds to the hard wearing, slip-resistant finish.

We regularly provide our polyurethane resin flooring to bakeries, meat processing facilities, farm shops, dairies and kitchens right across the food industry. With our resin flooring solutions installed we can guarantee a hygienic, slip resistant and durable polyurethane system that performs to the highest possible standards.

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Drink Industry Flooring

Drink industry flooring needs to be hygienic, slip resistant and durable to withstand the demands of heavy machinery and equipment such a fork lifts and pallets.  It also needs to comply with the hygiene standards put forward by EU and FDA. Our resin flooring systems are suitable for all beverage processing facilities as they are slip resistant, durable, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals.

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Dairy Industry Flooring

The dairy industry is subject to strict health and safety regulations. As such, dairy industry flooring needs to be able to withstand regular deep cleaning and be resistant to chemicals as well as offering slip resistance to the spillage of liquids common to the industry. Our hygienic polyurethane resin floor systems are durable and damage resistant to withstand the demands of dairy industry equipment. As dairies use by-products such as milk, whey and water, slip resistance is also an essential requirement for any flooring system.

Our resin flooring systems are finished to a high standard for easy cleaning and deal with any potential slipping hazards.

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Industrial Flooring

We provide a range of industrial flooring systems designed to suit the conditions common to the industrial sector and warehouses. Our resin floors are perfect for withstanding the demands of heavy industrial equipment and machinery. We also specialise in hygienic, slip resistant industrial flooring to help you comply with the latest health and safety regulations.

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Commercial Flooring

We have extensive experience in commercial flooring projects and work alongside some of the industry’s most well-know manufacturers to provide commercial flooring solutions that are ideal for most types of business environments including hotels, shops and restaurants. Our flooring solutions are designed to balance the need for style with durability and functionality.

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