Dairy Flooring

In order to meet the demanding health and safety requirements associated with any form of wet food processing facility including dairy processing facilities, flooring must be sanitised, cleaned and finished to a high standard, as well as maintain resistance to a range of chemicals. The by-products commonly associated with the dairy industry include water, milk, whey and brine, all of which could potentially cause slipping hazards. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that one of the most common causes of injury in the dairy industry is slipping on wet floors.

In addition, dairy facilities tend to incorporate heavy machinery, forklifts and other equipment that is capable of causing damage or abrasions to flooring over time, so high quality polyurethane resin floor systems are highly recommended for these types of facilities.


Hygienic flooring systems are essential in any food processing industry, with health and safety taking priority in dairy processing facilities as well as other industries. Some industries that require strong performing hygienic flooring systems include the pharmaceutical, healthcare and leisure industries as well as other premises that regularly handle food and drink such as schools and warehouses.

Our hygienic flooring solutions here at Resin Flooring HQ Ltd are capable of far exceeding the requirements regularly associated with both EU and FDA hygiene standards. Our hygienic flooring is available to clients across the South East including London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.


Due to the presence of dairy by-products like fats and oils in the dairy processing industry, flooring systems in these types of facilities can prove to be potential slipping hazards. For these reasons, it’s essential that operatives have secure footing when working around potentially hazardous equipment such as heavy machinery.

Resin Flooring HQ Ltd installs slip resistant floor systems to protect operatives in dairy processing facilities from slipping on damp floors. The hard-wearing and impervious properties of our epoxy resin flooring systems not only include slip resistance but also protection from potentially damaging chemicals and abrasions.


Flooring in dairies and other food and drink industry situations have a lot of work to do. They must meet the Food Safe regulations among others things! They must be hygienic and easy to clean but also able to withstand the required cleaning products.  The wrong type of flooring might be easy to clean but it will degrade when exposed to the required cleaning products and end up costing money to replace.

Flooring must be able to withstand thermal shock, this can come from cleaning as well as contact with various pasteurising equipment as well.

Drainage is a key factor, all flooring in the food and drink industry must have adequate drainage so spillages and cleaning run-off can be removed quickly and easily.


The very best flooring systems are required to meet the demands of the dairy industry, so we provide high quality resin flooring systems with the help of highly experienced and expert staff to ensure your dairy processing facility is as safe as possible. We can design and build appropriate drainage and other groundworks that comply with the demanding regulations of the food industry.


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