Bakery Flooring

Hygiene and safety are of paramount importance in a bakery environment. Businesses need to be sure that the flooring they install can stand up to constant foot traffic, heavy equipment and appliances, and can be cleaned regularly for sanitation purposes. We provide a number of great solutions for bakeries, which deliver a smooth and easy-to-clean surface as well as longevity and strength.

Durable Flooring Solutions

We offer a range of high-performance flooring solutions that are tough and impact-resistant. From tough resin and epoxy flooring to anti-slip floors and heavy-duty screeds which offer plenty of grip for busy work environments, our flooring options are cost-effective, robust and aesthetically-pleasing. These types of flooring have excellent thermal shock to cope with intense heat changes and are easy to clean in the event of spillages. Our team also have expertise in installing food-grade flooring for bakeries where a non-toxic, hygienic surface is vital to adhere to health and safety standards.

The Unique Needs of a Commercial Bakery

Standard concrete won’t withstand the specific requirements and processes of a commercial bakery – floors in a bakery environment need to be impervious and easy to clean. Concrete can also create dust which can find its way into the atmosphere and the food being prepared. A bakery floor also needs to be chemically-resistant and withstand harsh cleaning agents to avoid microbial growth.

Bakeries and food preparation areas are notoriously busy and as with any workplace setting, employees and visitors need to be safe from trip hazards – the flooring in a bakery needs to provide grip underfoot but also be free from cracks and holes that can be dangerous and unsanitary. It’s also important that the floor of a commercial bakery has sufficient drainage, which needs to be considered in the design stage to allow for general cleaning and hygiene.

An Experienced Team

We understand the needs of a commercial bakery and food preparation areas, so we can design a floor that not only meets these requirements but also looks fantastic, for a floor that is easy to maintain and eye-catching. We have the materials and expert knowledge to ensure your flooring is installed professionally and will stand the test of time. We take pride in working with trusted manufacturers for a high-quality finish that you can depend on.

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