Brewery Flooring

Our polyurethane resin flooring systems are the ideal choice for breweries, and make a great brewery floor coating, thanks to their suitability for use within alcohol processing and brewing environments. Our resin flooring screeds are also fully capable of withstanding steam and the intense heat commonly associated with the brewery industry.


Resin Flooring for Breweries

Resin flooring systems are hard wearing, non-porous, impervious, and possess high quality abrasion resistant properties. Polyurethane resin flooring offers outstanding resistance to chemicals and physical damage which is essential in order to maintain health and safety around heavy and potentially hazardous brewery machinery and equipment. If you are looking to replace a worn brewery floor or looking for brewery flooring for a new project then get in touch today. Our experienced team has worked on a number of micro-breweries as well as larger brewing operations, wineries, and vineyards too.

New to The Brewing Industry

craft beer being pouredCraft beers and ciders are now more popular than ever and this rise in popularity has seen an exponential increase in the number of new breweries setting up from micro-breweries to larger operations still sticking to the craft beer styles of hoppy and exciting beers and ciders. There is also an increase in wine production in the UK with more vineyards popping up each year. Our team is used to working in these environments; whether its small winery flooring, micro-brewery or larger drink production flooring we can do it all.

The Importance of Hygienic Flooring in Brewing

Hygienic flooring is essential for the winemaking and brewery industry as well as for numerous other industries from healthcare and pharmaceutical to leisure, school kitchens, and warehouses. Our hygienic flooring systems will always exceed the requirements put forward by any hygiene standards, including FDA and EU. The prevent and slow the growth of unwanted bacteria and micro-organisms, brewery floors must be food safe. Any uneven surfaces could lead to a collection of spilt liquids and develop the risk of contamination. To avoid this scenario we use polyurethane resin floors for our brewery floor projects, this ensures a long term, safer solution for your brewery or micro-brewery.

Cleaning Regimes in Breweries

Keeping a brewery clean is critical and the flooring is a major part of the overall cleaning regime. Concrete flooring is porous and so lets spillages and cleaning products soak through, this can cause microbial growth. In order to be suitable for breweries flooring must be non-porous like the resin flooring we install. Brewery flooring must be able to stand up to steam cleaning, harsh cleaning chemicals, and rigorous physical brushing, mopping, and scrubbing. Our brewery flooring can do all of this and still be ready for more. We make sure the materials we use are heat resistant, chemical resistant, and downright tough so you can clean as often as you need to without fear of damaging the flooring. Any splits and wholes in the flooring can result in bacterial growth so choosing a floor that can stand the level of cleaning needed is important!

Slip Resistant Flooring

According to the Health & Safety Executive, the main causes of injury in the drinks industry are slips and trips – with 90% of slips due to wet floors. Having a non-slip floor is therefore essential to preventing injury.

Brewery floors can prove to be potential slip hazards due to the often damp working environment. This means that those operating within the brewery industry will require secure footing, especially when operating heavy machinery and potentially hazardous equipment.

Our Epoxy Resin Flooring systems are hard-wearing and seamless and provide exceptional chemical and slip resistance, making them the ideal choice for the brewery industry.

Brewery Floor Drainage

With stiff regulations in place for the drinks industry, brewing and wine making, we will design and build drainage and other groundworks necessary for any brewery to operate effectively and within set health and safety requirements. Correct water and waste management could be the difference in the success or failure of a brewery; correctly install floor drainage on well design brewery flooring is essential and will provide a simple solution to keeping the floor clear of spillages.

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