Drink Industry Flooring


The nature of the soft drinks industry requires a processing facility to incorporate hygienic, non-slip, and highly durable flooring solutions capable of withstanding the demands of heavy machinery and potentially hazardous equipment such as forklifts and pallets.

Our polyurethane resin flooring systems will exceed the latest legislation requirements and provide you with an unrivaled level of performance in the most demanding of conditions. Our resin flooring systems are suitable for all soft drink manufacturing, beverage processing sites, and facilities and offer numerous benefits including slip resistance, durability, easy cleaning, chemical resistance, and fast, efficient installation service.

soft drink production line


The HSE states that one of the main causes of injury in the drinks industry is slips and trips – in particular, 90% of slips are caused by wet floors. Any industrial site that is constantly operational should be safe and secure for those working within the facility. The wet conditions commonly associated with drinks processing facilities can cause potential slipping hazards, while more traditional flooring systems are prone to damage over time, especially with the constant use of heavy machinery and equipment.

Our epoxy resin flooring systems incorporate both hard-wearing and seamless properties to prevent all forms of chemical damage and enhance slip resistance, so perfect as hygienic floors for soft drinks factories. We offer a survey that focuses on identifying potential risk factors associated with your current factory flooring installation so you know exactly what is required to keep everyone operating within the drinks processing facility safe underfoot.


The seamlessness and totally impervious properties of our epoxy resin flooring systems are also highly beneficial when it comes to restricting the growth of bacteria. The food and drinks industry takes health and safety extremely seriously and legislation has proved to be a major talking point. Resin flooring systems are extremely hygienic and very easy to clean.

A number of industries require hygienic flooring systems in order to comply with hygiene standards put forward by EU and FDA. We will exceed these requirements every time whenever called upon to review your existing flooring systems and install a high-quality polyurethane flooring system. Some of the many industries prioritising hygienic flooring systems include the pharmaceutical, leisure, and health care industries.


The soft drink and beverage industry requires high-quality groundworks to ensure the strict regulations put forward are met. Our team of experienced and expert staff knows exactly what it takes to get the work done correctly the first time around. We design and build necessary drainage systems to a very high standard so that liquids do no stand and become contaminated over time.


For more information on our epoxy polyurethane resin flooring systems or for a free, no-obligation quote, call us today on 01444 405 261 and speak to our friendly team. If you need hygienic flooring for the soft drinks industry then speak to us today!