Laboratory Flooring

It is extremely important for laboratories of all kinds, especially chemistry laboratories, to utilise highly durable and slip resistant flooring systems due to the corrosive chemicals facilities of this type are regularly exposed to.

Laboratory floors need to be able to resist chemicals without compromising hygiene and health standards. People who work in microbiology laboratories and related disciplines are at risk from exposure to biological agents so the ability to keep the floor free from bacteria or contamination is essential to the health of the workers. Laboratories also need to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

Polyurethane resin flooring systems will remain undamaged in the event of a concentrated chemical spillage. In addition, our resin flooring systems cope with intense heat and rigorous chemical processes even when exposed on a daily basis, while they also remain in top condition throughout intense cleaning regimes.

floor being prepared for resin floor coveringHYGIENIC FLOORING

Hygienic flooring systems are essential for a wide range of laboratory settings from small R&D labs to large scale industrial labs.

Our epoxy resin flooring systems provide any laboratory with a seamless, corrosion and bacteria-free surface that will exceed health and safety legislation and hygiene standards put forward by FDA and EU. Our hygienic flooring solutions are available to clients across the South East including London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

Our laboratory flooring is seamless which reduces the areas in which contamination can be an issue. There are no seams that allow bacterial or microbial growth. Lab requirements in most countries suggest a seamless resin floor as the best option and often the only option allowed for just this reason.


The anti-microbial epoxy resin flooring systems we have to offer are also slip and impact resistant in order to improve the safety of operatives underfoot.

The seamless, highly durable and chemical resistant finish ensures the high demands of chemical processing, heavy machinery and extreme temperatures are met without posing a risk to operatives.

Chemicals are more than capable of creating slipping hazards, so it is essential that we carry out a detailed review of traditional flooring systems and provide you with high quality resin flooring alternatives that are guaranteed to meet your requirements.



When offering industrial strength and durability as well as chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistance, it is important that the ground works carried out are in compliance with health and safety requirements and are of a sufficient quality to keep any industrial facility operating effectively.

Our experienced staff members know exactly what it takes to promote a safe and hygienic environment through design and manufacturing methods and the correct choice of materials.


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