Flooring Products

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Polyurethane coatings provide hard wearing seamless finishes. The range consists of fast curing products which means you can achieve footfall within 24 hours and apply more coats in a shorter space of time.

Properties which can be achieved from products in this range are abrasive and chemical resistance, hygienic and slip resistant finishes.

Resutile is a choice from the range that is used when maximum chemical resistance is needed, it is also resistant to temperatures up to 1500°c. These properties result in this product being the ideal choice for laboratories and manufacturing areas.

Hygienic Flooring

From pharmaceuticals and healthcare to food and drink product, many industries require high quality durable hygienic flooring. Our range of flooring options conform to health and safety regulations and use slip-resistant technology.


We have a team of flooring experts with experience installing all forms of hygienic flooring across many industries and our service can be tailored to your requirements.


Polyurethane Flooring

We specialise in the installation of polyurethane flooring which has a multitude of uses across many commercial and industrial environments.

Our flooring systems are designed not only to be hard wearing and durable, but also to be seamless, hygienic and safety conscious. This means that they are impervious to contamination as well as having high resistance to chemicals, abrasions and excessive heat.

Resin Flooring Primers

Surface preparation is essential before applying any flooring system, to ensure that the surface is the best possible for the product to adhere to. This helps to achieve the best possible finish. RSL offer a range of primers that can prime the surface of the substances to ensure the correct finish is achieved.

R.S. Dampshield is ideal for new concrete or screed as it is tolerant of residual moisture with the substrate and will enable us to apply top finishes with the requirement for the substrate being totally dry.

Oil contaminated floors can cause major problems if the contaminates come through onto the final coat of the floor. RSL’s R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer is a solution to prime the floor and safeguard the toppings.

Seamless Flooring & Slip Resistant Flooring

Polyurethane resin screed systems provide excellent heavy duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments. RSL’s market- leading product, Resuthane™, is one of the best polyurethane screed systems available. The product has been in use for over ten years and comes with a ten-year guarantee to deliver an unbeatable flooring solution. The Resuthane™ series from RSL includes a wide range of polyurethane screed systems available in different grades and suitable for a variety of environments and application methods.

Stainless Steel Drainage Solutions

Manholes, Surface Protection – Kerbs, Buffer Rails and Corner Guards, Drainage Channels and Washdown Gullies.

With years of expertise in all forms of flooring and drainage works, Resin Flooring HQ Ltd supplies and installs stainless steel drainage solutions to businesses across Sussex, London and the South East. We provide fabrications for clients across a huge range of industries, specialising in hygienic flooring.

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