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Resin Flooring HQ Ltd provides a comprehensive selection of industrial flooring systems ideally suited to the numerous service conditions associated with the industrial sector. As expert industrial flooring contractors, we possess an unrivalled amount of experience applying high quality resin flooring systems with various conditions in mind and for a wide range of different projects. From the moment we provide our service we manage everything from the preparation process to the application of our epoxy surface coating. We have a team of highly skilled, experienced and professional operatives on board to get the work done quickly and efficiently, exceeding client expectations every time.


We have an excellent reputation among local industries as a result of our commitment to the job at hand and our ability to tailor our services to suit the specific requirements of our clients. We take full advantage of state-of-the-art industrial flooring methods and techniques to install our resin flooring systems to an extremely high standard for all kinds of industrial premises. The sturdy, impenetrable nature of our resin flooring systems enhance safety and security and prevent heavy duty industrial equipment from causing damage to floors for many years, making them hugely beneficial and cost effective.

The demands of the industrial environment are unparalleled, with heavy duty equipment, machinery and forklifts operational throughout the working day. We work alongside some of the flooring industries leading manufacturers to ensure we can offer the very latest high quality resin flooring systems that are able to cope with the high demands of any industrial site. In order to make sure we provide the flooring installation that meets your needs, we carry out a full industrial worksite survey and evaluation service as part of our preparations with minimal disruption.


We are fully aware of the importance of demonstrating the correct level of knowledge, experience, professionalism and courtesy when undertaking any industrial flooring job for our clients and as flooring specialists we do everything we can to ensure your industrial site can operate effectively throughout the installation process. From priming industrial floors and removing old screeds to applying our high quality epoxy surface coating, we keep client demands in mind and maintain a strict professional attitude at all times.

Industrial Floor Coverings

Durability and safety are the most important aspects of industrial flooring, which is why epoxy resin is such a popular choice. Properly installed, the right resin will withstand harsh chemicals, long-term exposure to industrial cleaning products and substantial wear and tear from heavy machinery. An added benefit is the variety of colours and finishes available with a resin floor, which can be used to improve safety of your facility, or create a more professional appearance.

Warehouse in Aldermaston

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Flooring Facelift in Hampshire

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Our high quality resin flooring solutions are ideally suited to the industrial sector, so if you are interested to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01444 405 261. Our friendly team have many years experience providing reliable and trustworthy advice and information. You can also email us at or fill out the provided form on our Contact page.