Kitchen Flooring | Hygienic Kitchen Floors

Vinyl flooring is most typically used in commercial kitchens where grease, fats and oils often get onto floors– just add water and you have a hazardous environment. To lessen the risk of slipping and to create the most sanitary of water-proof surfaces we specify industry leading solutions, with the greatest rating for slip resistance.

We are experts at what we do. Other than being slip resistant the product is easy to keep clean, has a 15 year guarantee but generally lasts a lot longer than that if cared for properly.

All our hygienic kitchen flooring is available in a range of 14 colours and is commonly installed into the following areas:

Commercial Kitchens
Food preparation and service areas
Other areas where there is risk of oils or grease getting onto the floor
In other areas commonly requiring a vinyl floor where there is less risk of slipping and higher traffic such as corridors or public areas.

Our flooring specialist will visit your premises to carry out a site survey.

Understanding how the area will be used and recommending the correct product and assessing the existing floor condition is vital to getting the installation correct. It is likely that the floor will need preparing to ensure it is flat and level, there may even be the need for some building works, for example if a floor gulley is requested– we can advise.

Our flooring installers are fully trained and qualified.