Resin Flooring Primers

Here at Resin Flooring HQ Ltd we provide an experienced and professional service when it comes to the installation of resin flooring systems. The specialist flooring products we use are suitable for use in a wide range of sectors including Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace. With over 40 years experience the team at Resin Flooring offer unrivalled knowledge, information and project management skills to make sure your flooring requirements are met.


Surface preparation is an important element in laying a Resin floor system. Floor cleaning and preparation give a good key surface ready for the application of the Resin floor system including the Primer. A Primer whether it be Polyurethane or Epoxy is essential before a Resin flooring system is applied. Used to seal and prime concrete and other substrates prior to the application of a resin floor system, ensuring the best possible surface for the best possible finish. Primers can be specific to the intended use of the floor, for example oil resistant primers are essential for garage or industrial flooring.

Priming the Floor

Priming Floor with Epoxy Resin Primer

Other Products and Services

As well as a wide range of primers for a number of different uses and needs, resin flooring also provide a wide range of flooring materials and services. These range from slip-resistant flooring, polyurethane and hygienic flooring to screeds and ground work materials. Naturally we also install all of these materials and install ground work drainage in factories, breweries and more. All of our products and materials are high quality and installed with longevity in mind, we not only create durable and functional flooring solutions but we also service and help maintain them too.

Where We Work

Our team of skilled staff are able to work on projects across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the entire of the UK. They are able to quote and create a wide range of flooring and ground works for different sectors and uses in a multitude of different environments.

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If you would like to discuss how we use primers for resin flooring installations, the choice of primer for your flooring or any other aspect of our work please contact us via phone, e mail or our contact form on this page. A member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements as soon as possible.