Hygienic Flooring Systems In London

Hygienic Flooring Systems, SussexResin Flooring offer high quality hygienic flooring solutions to commercial and industrial premises across London. We are fully aware of the importance of adhering to strict health and safety regulations which is why we offer unrivalled hygienic flooring to a wide range of industries, including the health care industry, restaurants, leisure centres and schools. We have plenty of experience providing hygienic flooring solutions to industrial buildings and commercial premises across London.

We offer hygienic flooring solutions that exceed the requirements of both the EU and the FDA. With the latest technological manufacturing methods available, we are capable of installing hygienic flooring solutions that are sturdy, long lasting and reliable. With high quality flooring solutions available, we have managed to achieve an outstanding reputation throughout London.

Hygienic flooring offers plenty of health and safety benefits to both industrial and commercial premises, as well as other benefits include flooring longevity and security. The hygienic flooring solutions we have here at Resin Flooring offer slip-resistant technology for added safety and they are extremely hardwearing to prevent the condition of the flooring deteriorating over a significant amount of time. Our hygienic flooring is also resistant to chemical solutions, abrasion and thermal shock.

The services we offer here at Resin Flooring are with client preferences in mind, from the moment you get in touch to the day of installation. We understand that business and other industrial premises are reliant on their busy schedule therefore we look to work with the utmost courtesy and efficiency. When you get in touch we will take you through the options available for your designated premises and answer any questions you might have regarding the installation service.

If you’d like to learn more about our hygienic flooring solutions and how they can provide essential health and safety protocols for your commercial or industrial environment, our friendly team are more than happy to answer your enquiries. Our work with clients across London means we now have an outstanding reputation across the city and country.

You can fill out the contact form to your right or call us on 01444 405261 and a friendly member of our team will take you through the details regarding our hygienic flooring solutions. We look forward to your enquiry.