Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin floorings are a hard-wearing, chemical-resistant solution for surfacing a high-traffic commercial or industrial area. The seamless nature of an epoxy floor system make it impervious to contamination, offering excellent hygiene and easy maintenance.

The durable, sanitary qualities of resin flooring makes it an ideal choice for the healthcare sector, food and drink production environments and manufacturing facilities.

Epoxy resin floors are a practical and aesthetically appealing solution for commercial and public spaces like shopping centres, public pools and health clubs.

The benefits of epoxy resin flooring:

• Exceptionally hard-wearing, withstanding considerable traffic, fluctuating temperatures and even fire – improving the safety of your building and saving you the cost of frequent floor repairs.

• Easy to clean; the seamless surface of a resin floor coating is both practical and hygienic. Once the epoxy converts into a solid polymer it becomes impervious to chemical exposure, allowing it to withstand industrial cleaning agents long-term.

• Anti-static surface provides safe flooring for electronics production and storage rooms, preventing charge from building up and harming equipment or staff.

• Slip-resistant surfaces make epoxy resin flooring ideal for areas which may be exposed to rain or other water, like delivery bays, foyers and swimming pools.

Polymer granite screed laid to falls 3 Environmentally-friendly; with a resin coating, original flooring only needs to be stripped, not entirely removed. This creates less waste than replacing the floor with a traditional surface.

• Decorative additions such as flakes or aggregates make the surface eye-catching and aesthetically appealing, and coatings are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match your brand or existing decor.

• Quick to install; meaning your business has less downtime while the floor is prepared, poured and left to set.

Case Studies

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• Decorative screed for the student union at the Guildford campus

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