Food Industry Flooring

Polyurethane resin flooring systems are the perfect solution for any type of food processing or manufacturing facility, from bakeries, meat processing areas and breweries to commercial kitchens, farm shops and dairies.

Our resin flooring systems are specially designed to comply with the strict requirements of the food industry as well as essential health and safety requirements, from the heavy duty screeds to the hardwearing, slip-resistant finish. Whether you are based in a factory, warehouse, facility or external showroom, our polyurethane resin flooring systems are vital for your food industry needs underfoot.

Hygienic Flooring

Hygienic FlooringTraditional flooring systems are not always in compliance with the strict regulations that are put forward and health and safety legislation is a constant issue for the food industry. Our resin flooring systems are seamless and impervious to the growth of harmful bacteria and will always far exceed the requirements of any hygiene standards, including EU and FDA.

Many industries prioritise the installation of hygienic resin flooring solutions such as the health care, pharmaceutical and leisure industries, while facilities such as school kitchens and food and drink warehouses should also ensure flooring systems are hygienic.

Slip Resistant Flooring

The food processing industry often involves wet foods that, when processed, produce by-products such as milk, whey and water. Floors are often subject to damp and spillage which can subsequently create slipping hazards for operatives working within the facility. The gradual wear and tear of traditional food industry flooring systems may also contribute to further health and safety hazards for workers.

Our epoxy resin flooring systems are hard-wearing and seamless enough to prevent chemicals from having any effect on the condition of industrial floors. After being sealed, epoxy floor systems are completely impervious to contamination and other forms of damage that may lead to future slipping hazards.

Ground Works

Groundworks for commercial kitchen flooringBoth the food and catering industries require the very best flooring solutions in order to meet essential health and safety requirements. Here at Resin Flooring HQ Ltd we know exactly what is required and have many years experience that will guarantee any job is done right the first time round.

We design and manufacture drainage as well as other essential ground works that comply with requirements of the food industry and all kinds of food processing facilities. We realise the importance of meeting strict health and safety regulations and our drainage installations are completed to a very high standard.

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