Resin FlooringResin Flooring HQ Ltd provides resin flooring installation services for business across a number of different sectors to the highest possible standards so that we exceed the expectations of our clients every time.

We take the specific requirements of our clients on board and ensure that all flooring applications are suitable for purpose. Our team has many years of experience and specialist expertise in flooring operations ensuring that we can handle the requirements for installations of any sector.

We are fully aware of the need to provide quality, cost-effective and durable flooring solutions for industries that can be damaging, from those that regularly use heavy machinery or forklift trucks to food processing facilities.

We regularly supply our high quality resin flooring systems to the following sectors:

Breweries and Micro-Breweries

Polyurethane flooring systems are the ideal choice for breweries as they meet the health and safety requirements of food processing environments.

In addition, the intense heat and steam within brewery facilities has no effect on our high quality resin flooring screeds. The heavy machinery and equipment commonly found in brewery facilities require the hard-wearing and impervious capabilities of resin flooring systems.


Dairies are part of the wet food industry and require high quality resin flooring systems to vastly improve sanitisation and resistance to chemicals. As dairies use by-products such as milk, whey and water, slip resistance is also an essential requirement for any flooring system.

Our resin flooring systems are finished to a high standard for easy cleaning and deal with any potential slipping hazards.

Food Industry

Food processing and manufacturing facilities regularly use heavy machinery and equipment that can damage standard flooring systems over time. Flooring must also be easily cleaned and sanitised to restrict the growth of harmful bacteria and significantly improve health and safety for operatives on-site.

We regularly provide our polyurethane resin flooring to bakeries, meat processing facilities, farm shops, dairies and kitchens.

Drink Industry

Finished floor in Resdev's 6mm Pumadur HF pic 7The drink industry naturally requires flooring to be slip resistant and highly durable to prevent any facility from becoming unsafe for operatives.

With our resin flooring solutions installed we can guarantee a hygienic, slip resistant and durable polyurethane system that performs to the highest possible standards and is perfectly suitable for all beverage processing sites.


Laboratories are regularly exposed to harmful chemicals so it is vital that all sites, especially chemical laboratories, utilise highly durable, slip resistant resin flooring systems that are perfectly suited to any facility using potentially harmful and corrosive chemicals.

Our resin flooring systems will remain undamaged in the event of a concentrated chemical spillage and always cope with intense heat and other meticulous chemical processes.

The Ground Works

Ground WorkAll ground works must comply with the health and safety requirements of any facility and must also be of sufficient quality to ensure an industrial site operates at its full potential throughout.

This is especially important when dealing with flooring systems focused on strength and durability as well as corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance, which is the case with all our high quality polyurethane resin installations.

Our team of experienced staff always promote a safe and hygienic working environment through manufacturing methods and choice of materials.

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