Guildford University


We have recently completed some unusual work at a university building in Guildford. In addition to a hard-wearing decorative screed we laid in the university sports lab, our team were asked to create a striking-yet-functional bar in the student union. That’s right – not the floor of the bar, but the actual counter.

The Redbull-sponsored union needed a surface which looked great, but would be easy to clean and stand up to heavy wear and tear. This was a particularly exciting project for us, and created an opportunity to demonstrate both the skills of our team and all the benefits of a resin surface.

We used an epoxy resin quartz screen with a steel trim, giving the counter an attractive (and flawlessly smooth) finish. The resin is quick to install, meaning little downtime for the bar, and it’s designed for heavy wear and tear, so they can keep serving for years to come!

Take a look at the photos below to see the finish product.