Decorative Epoxy Resin Quartz Screed

Decorative Screed for Hygienic Flooring

These commercial facilities were the perfect candidate for an epoxy resin quartz screed covering. The main benefit in this instance was the flooring being much easier to clean than traditional materials, making the space more hygienic with less effort. On top of that, the seamless finish not only looks professional and modern, but improves the appearance of the space by making it seem larger and brighter.

Our team prepared the original flooring by diamond grinding the floor paint away, then applying the epoxy resin quartz screed to the floor and skirting. It was then given a seal coat with a UVR clear matt finish for a subtly polished look.

We were pleased with the particularly excellent quality of this project – take a look at the gallery below to see for yourself, and contact us today if you would like resin flooring in your project.

Decorative Epoxy Resin Quartz Screed 2

Please see the photos below for another impressive project.