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Resin Flooring HQ Ltd. has many years experience dealing with commercial flooring projects as we continue to work alongside some of the industry’s most well-known and respected manufacturers. We possess an extensive portfolio of past commercial flooring jobs as commercial flooring contractors and have subsequently adapted our services to meet the requirements of numerous thriving business environments.

Our team of highly skilled and professional operatives work quickly and efficiently to install high quality flooring systems that comply with your demands, from our first site visit to the appliance of our screed machines.

Professional, State-Of-The-Art Flooring Techniques

We do everything we can to ensure all our stylish commercial flooring solutions exceed your highest expectations and meet all set health and safety requirements. In order to achieve the best possible results we utilise state-of-the-art flooring methods and techniques, including diamond grinding for the removal of old floor paint and applying epoxy resin quartz screed for a beautifully contemporary, stylish and decorative finish.

Through a combination of our hugely experienced team and a partnership with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we can guarantee a flooring system that meets your expectations.

Case Studies

Our commercial flooring work exceeds the standard practice commonly associated with the application of typical flooring projects as we take full advantage of expert skills and techniques to offer flooring systems with enhanced imagination and enthusiasm. One of our many case studies includes a recent project at Guildford University which incorporated the application of uniquely decorative screeds for the student union and sports bar.

In order to compliment the stunning artwork we applied an exquisite stainless steel trim finish. Visit our Projects page for more examples of exciting commercial projects we have undertaken in the past.

Commercial Flooring Suited To Your Demands

We have a substantial amount of experience working for a multitude of different clients, so we are fully prepared to work with a specific time frame in mind. Our experience with different project requirements means we can provide for an entire building or just a single room, whether you are a contract manager, an architect or a property developer.

Our flooring techniques are utilised with the consideration of health and safety at all times so that we can promote a cleaner, healthier and safer commercial environment for you.

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We can provide in-depth professional flooring advice and information surrounding commercial flooring systems as well as detailed site surveys and the analysis of previous installations.

Call us today on 01444 405 261 for more information regarding our commercial flooring solutions here at Resin Flooring HQ Ltd. or visit our Contact page and fill out the provided form.

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