Resin Flooring – New Blog

Providing Regular Updates

Resin Flooring HQ Ltd are proud to announce the launch of our brand new and improved website and blog which we will use to provide regular project updates and information about our company and the great service that we provide to all new and existing customers.

We are a company based near Gatwick with over 40 years experience providing a variety of high quality flooring, from heavy duty polyurethane screeds to anti-slip epoxy paint coatings and more, to clients throughout the South East of the UK and further afield if necessary.  Whatever the individual needs of your project, we will work with you to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Plus with an expansive network of expertise that covers the globe, wherever you need our services we have the professional experience and resources to be able to provide your project with the right skills and supplies that you need. We have completed major projects for a number of multi-national corporations including Ford, Coca-Cola, Campbell Soups and the Hilton Hotels Group so you can be sure of our quality service promise when choosing Resin Flooring HQ Ltd.

Our new blog will be frequently updated with the latest news, offers and information about our latest projects and services as well as helpful advice to make sure to check back regularly for updates on the workings of Resin Flooring HQ Ltd. We are happy to welcome feedback and should you have any queries regarding our services you can call us on 01444 405261 or by emailing