Eco Friendly Helicopter Hangers

Eco Friendly Helicopter Hangers

We were very excited to start work on 7 eco friendly helicopter hangers before Christmas.  The work is in Inverness for Bristow Helicopters alongside Balfour Beatty Ltd.

Bristow-helicopter-lands-on-AUK-after-small-leak-found-on-airframeThe project is now well under way and the work completed so far looks fantastic. To get the flooring down we initially had to scrabble and grind 5mm off the slab, prime and pump 7mm Ardex hard wearing screed in and then add our high strength chemical resistant resin system. This system is safe against chemicals like Skydrop, it is also UVR stable and is specifically designed for these hanger floors.

These new eco friendly hangers have all been bespoke to this project and are for the Sea and Land rescue services, the first will be open very soon.


2 hangers complete, 5 to go!

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