Chemically Resistant Garage Flooring

Any mechanic will tell you the floor in a garage workshop takes a lot of punishment. The flooring material not only suffers the pressures of heavy objects being dropped, rolled and dragged over it but also heat and chemical stresses too, even high pressure air blasts from air lines can cause damage. This is why choosing the right flooring material, and contractor to do the work, is critical to a long lasting and reliable surface.


We recently provided a brand new floor for a 650m squared garage workshop including marked bays for cars and equipment and other line marking. For this job we used our high build resin coating as base coat, followed by a second coat of our high build resin coating, then top coat of our chemically resistance polyurethane UVR stable coating.

Not only was the owner of this garage very happy indeed, but we now have another 3 workshops to do because of the top quality finish achieved here.

Wear and tear is a reality, as with most car parts, but putting the best materials down will make sure you minimise the number of times it needs to be done and with our complete service we will work with you to maintain your flooring for years to come.

If you own or run a garage or workshop in the motor trade and you want to make sure you have the right material to handle the punishment thrown at it on a daily basis get in touch about a quote.

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