AltroScreed Boutique Resin Quartz

AltroScreed’s Boutique Quartz flooring is perfect for the retail and public spaces. It offers a large choice of colours for jobs that require that little bit of extra design flair. This resin flooring was inspired by gemstones and really packs a punch for colour and looks.


We recently did a job covering 6 corridors and 1 large entrance area at a total area of around  1550 meters squared.

The client was so happy they recently awarded us another contract for a factory they own needing over 3000m2 of Resdev HF, 1600m2 of Quartz, and 2000m2 of Resdev Resin Coatings.

For more information on our work in the retail and other sectors or for a quote for any of our wide range of resin flooring services get in touch using one of our contact forms or call.

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