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High build coating system

We recently completed a project that involved 1400m2 diamond grinding and a high build resin coating system in Chelsea blue colour. The project was completed in just three days. It looks fantastic and we are really proud to have yet another another happy client.

The flooring is easy to clean and maintain and the coloured high gloss finish of the high build epoxy coating system is hard wearing with excellent chemical resistance subject to good housekeeping practices. Available in a wide range of colours as standard, providing a long lasting cost effective flooring solution.


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Shining a light on floor damage

As we finally start seeing some sun, and spring seems to have arrived, many work places will be noticing some natural light coming in through the windows once more. This light is always welcomed by staff but it does highlight some things that are not so positive.

Sunlight can show up previously unseen wear patches in existing flooring. Artificial light is fantastic for working under in factories and the like but it always comes from a static position. This means areas of shadow are always in the same place. When sunlight moves around it can show up patches where the flooring has started to wear or even split. These areas would not have been noticed otherwise, so this time of year we often find we get a lot of phone calls about repair work on flooring done years before by other contractors.

We are very happy to assist in this kind of situation, it may mean a new floor or some repair work but it is always important to act when damage is found to avoid accidents, contamination or further damage.

If you would like to speak to one of the team because you have noticed some wear, a split or other damage then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.




Heavy Duty Polyurethane flooring for Westfield Shopping Centre

There are so many different applications for the flooring products we offer we can find ourselves working in a wide variety of commercial locations. We are currently working at the famous Westfield shopping centre in London.



The job itself is working on what is called the “back of house” area,  this is an unseen part of the massive shopping centre that houses bins and other waste containers. It is an area that gets a great deal of use, and can have any number of liquids spilt on it. It also needs to be easy to clean and keep hygienic as well as being able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

We are laying our heavy duty polyurethane substance called Resdev Pumadur HF heavy duty floor topping. We are also installing a resin cove skirting called Resdev Pumadur WR , along with our hygienic resin coating systems for the existing walls

Get in touch today for more information about how our flooring systems and products can apply to your business.


“Green” Resin Coating

There are a wide variety of reasons you may need to look at a flooring option that goes above and beyond the normal high environmental standards that we offer in our products. Such a case has come up recently where we were called on to provide a “green” resin floor coating for a light industry client in Basingstoke.

The Water based resin coating we used contains minimal levels of solvents and offers those who need this kind of flooring a reasonably priced and convenient option.  It is suitable for light and medium industrial applications. This would be where durability is important, but not to the level of dealing with heavy abrasion from large industrial equipment or extreme heat shock that can be common in heavy industry.

If you would like some more information about a “green” flooring option or if you are looking for a floor coating for a light or medium industrial unit get in touch today and speak to the team.

5 Important aspects to Brewery Flooring

We are doing more and more work in the brewing industry these days as the rise of the micro brewery continues. The requirements can be complicated when it comes to flooring and we often get asked for advice on the right materials and levels of tolerance needed for the industry. These enquires come from new comers to the market and from established players that are now suffering from poor flooring choices when they set up the brewery. Getting it right in the first instance is critical to saving money in the long run and ultimately making the business profitable.

brewery flooring

When considering flooring for a brewery be it a nano, micro or much larger macro brewery, the issues are the same, and the flooring needs to be able to cope with many things;

1. The flooring must not allow or support the growth of bacteria, moulds or fungi. This may seem pretty obvious but it is a basic and critical consideration that must be addressed; hygienic flooring is a must.

2. All flooring must be capable of withstanding industrial cleaning. This cleaning could come in the form of chemicals, pressure washing or steam cleaning, all of which can take their toll on anything other than top quality materials.

3.Resistance to chemical attack is essential. We have already mentioned the need to be resistant to cleaning chemicals but there are other products used in brewing such a stabilizers and sanitisers in addition to those main floor cleaning products.

4. Whatever flooring you have, it must be able to stand up against high levels of compressions from heavy equipment. But it also needs to be able to handle abrasion and general wear and tear. Over the years a lot of things will be wheeled, dragged and walked all over the floor of a brewery, not to mention the odd accidentally dropped sharp or heavy object.

5. The floor needs to be safe! The surface needs to be slip resistant in the wet and dry, and adhere clearly with health and safety regulations. The material and how it is laid should provide a safe and even surface for all workers and their activities be it on foot or using wheeled devices.

In terms of materials, polyurethane resin flooring is the best choice. It is hard wearing, abrasion resistant, non-porous and able to withstand temperature shock. Polyurethane resin flooring has been very successfully used in the catering industry for some time for these reasons and more.

We are able to  provide the right advice as well as the right materials and skills to make sure your brewery flooring meets all of the above guidelines. Resin flooring also provide ongoing care for the flooring we install so if anything were to go wrong over time it would be dealt with right away, and as the years roll on we are able to support, repair or replace the flooring as needed.

As well as the flooring surface we also do a lot of ground works for the catering and brewing industry, this is another critical aspect of flooring that can sometimes be forgotten in the planning stages.

For more information on our work with brewery flooring and other catering industry flooring get in touch via our contact page or call 01444 405 261 today.


Chemically Resistant Garage Flooring

Any mechanic will tell you the floor in a garage workshop takes a lot of punishment. The flooring material not only suffers the pressures of heavy objects being dropped, rolled and dragged over it but also heat and chemical stresses too, even high pressure air blasts from air lines can cause damage. This is why choosing the right flooring material, and contractor to do the work, is critical to a long lasting and reliable surface.


We recently provided a brand new floor for a 650m squared garage workshop including marked bays for cars and equipment and other line marking. For this job we used our high build resin coating as base coat, followed by a second coat of our high build resin coating, then top coat of our chemically resistance polyurethane UVR stable coating.

Not only was the owner of this garage very happy indeed, but we now have another 3 workshops to do because of the top quality finish achieved here.

Wear and tear is a reality, as with most car parts, but putting the best materials down will make sure you minimise the number of times it needs to be done and with our complete service we will work with you to maintain your flooring for years to come.

If you own or run a garage or workshop in the motor trade and you want to make sure you have the right material to handle the punishment thrown at it on a daily basis get in touch about a quote.

4See Certification

We are really proud to announce we have once again retained our 4See Health and Safety certification.

The team have all worked really hard this year to make sure every process and every procedure is adhered to and in line with the strict guidelines laid out by 4See.

Health and Safety is a key part of how we work at Resin Flooring, it is not just about looking after our staff but also staff at the many places we install flooring and ground works. But it doesn’t just stop there, we have a duty of care to people in and around our business from how we dispose of waste, how we behave on the road and much more.















Health and Safety is important to your business and your staff so if you want to work with a company that can maintain your high standards and still get the job done get in touch today.

If you would like to find out more about not just what we do but also how we do it,  go to our contact page.

Industrial Kitchen Polyurethane HF flooring

We recently undertook worked on an industrial kitchen where we put in Polyurethane HF flooring and also stainless steel drainage systems.

industrial kitchen resin flooringWe are specialists in hygienic polyurethane flooring which offers a hygienic flooring option that is impervious to contamination. This kind of polyurethane flooring is suitable  for all types of food industry factories and production plants. Our hygienic flooring can withstand thermal shock of up to 120 degrees centigrade, abrasion and chemical spillages which makes it perfect for applications where steam cleaning and sterilisation products need to be used to meet hygiene standards.

industrial kitchen resin flooring 2The ground works we used in this kitchen are common for flooring work in the catering and food industry.The drainage is essential to avoid run off remaining in the production area and causing contamination, it is also critical the drainage itself is resistant to cleaning products to keep a clean and safe environment.

For more information on our Polyurethane HF flooring and our ground works for the catering industry please get in touch via our contact forms or our contact page.




AltroScreed Boutique Resin Quartz

AltroScreed’s Boutique Quartz flooring is perfect for the retail and public spaces. It offers a large choice of colours for jobs that require that little bit of extra design flair. This resin flooring was inspired by gemstones and really packs a punch for colour and looks.


We recently did a job covering 6 corridors and 1 large entrance area at a total area of around  1550 meters squared.

The client was so happy they recently awarded us another contract for a factory they own needing over 3000m2 of Resdev HF, 1600m2 of Quartz, and 2000m2 of Resdev Resin Coatings.

For more information on our work in the retail and other sectors or for a quote for any of our wide range of resin flooring services get in touch using one of our contact forms or call.