Flooring Products

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring is hard wearing, easy to maintain and highly practical. The nature of the design is seamless which means it is perfect for hygienic environments and can be used for businesses across many sectors.

Our flooring has a smart appearance that makes it perfect for high footfall commercial spaces as well as the durability and practicality to suit manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Hygienic Flooring

From pharmaceuticals and healthcare to food and drink product, many industries require high quality durable hygienic flooring. Our range of flooring options conform to health and safety regulations and use slip-resistant technology.

We have a team of flooring experts with experience installing all forms of hygienic flooring across many industries and our service can be tailored to your requirements.

Polyurethane Flooring

We specialise in the installation of polyurethane flooring which has a multitude of uses across many commercial and industrial environments.

Our flooring systems are designed not only to be hard wearing and durable, but also to be seamless, hygienic and safety conscious. This means that they are impervious to contamination as well as having high resistance to chemicals, abrasions and excessive heat.

Resin Flooring Primers

We are trusted by businesses across many industries to deal with their surface preparation for the laying of a resin flooring system. The experience and expertise of our team means we can deal with both polyurethane and epoxy primers.

Our work seals and primes concrete and other substrates to allow for the best possible result on the finished surface. We have supplied primers for both commercial and industrial applications.

Seamless Flooring

Many industrial businesses require a hygienic surface without seams or corners, and this is where our seamless flooring solutions can be so valuable.

Perfect for any environment requiring a workspace that is entirely free from bacteria such as food and drink production or pharmaceuticals. Additionally, our flooring is easy to clean and maintain as well as being durable and hard wearing which gives it a naturally long lifespan.

Industrial Resin Flooring

Getting the right standard of flooring is vital in industrial environments. Our industrial resin flooring solutions are designed to meet the demands and requirements of the sector to ensure you get a surface that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Ideal for everything from warehouses to highly specific industrial applications, our epoxy resin floors are both hard-wearing and seamless, as well as being very easy to maintain.

Slip Resistant Flooring

No matter what industry you work in, there is always a need for flooring that complies with health and safety regulations and keeps your staff safe. Our slip-resistant flooring solutions are perfect for any industrial or commercial space with slipping risks.

Our floors come with the added benefit of being hygienic and chemical resistant, meaning that they offer exceptional safety in the workplace.


Screeding is extremely important for any form of flooring installation for everything from commercial businesses to large scale industrial premises.

For a new flooring solution to be long-lasting, durable and secure, high quality screeding is required. Our team of flooring experts have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and can carry out screeding work for your new floor.

Stainless Steel Solutions

As well as our flooring expertise, we can also provide a range of stainless steel drainage solutions and other fabrications across a range of industries.

Creating everything from manhole covers and buffer rails to drainage channels and wash-down gullies, our services can be entirely tailored around your requirements, especially in conjunction with a larger flooring surface project.


In a commercial environment, choosing the right colour for your floor can be very valuable. As well as offering a more aesthetically pleasing look, you can choose colours than match your brand profile.

We offer a full range of colours in everything from matt and gloss as well as decorative additions such as flakes and aggregates.


Areas we cover

We offer high quality flooring products to clients across Sussex, Surrey and London. Get in touch with our team to find out more. Call 01444 405 261.