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Resin Flooring HQ Ltd is a family-run flooring contractor that provides both industrial and commercial facilities in London with cost effective and durable flooring solutions of all types.

We are experienced specialists with an unrivalled reputation in the repair and refurbishment of industrial and commercial flooring. We make sure that we use the very best materials available to guarantee top quality performance and durability from your new flooring installation.

A Quality, Reliable and Cost-Effective Service

With any industrial premises capable of witnessing a decline in the performance of flooring over time, it is essential that our services are readily available to cope with the demands of heavy machinery, forklift trucks, food production etc. We can help your facility comply with enforced health and safety requirements and even prevent costly floor contamination repairs as a result of gradual flooring deterioration.

Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin FlooringWe are specialist providers of Epoxy Resin flooring systems that offer a variety of beneficial properties including slip resistance, chemical resistance, durability and seamlessness. Once we’ve applied our Epoxy flooring systems, your latest installation will be completely impenetrable and impervious to contamination, offering unrivalled hygiene and performance benefits.

Our Epoxy Resin floors are ideally suited to the automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries, yet we can also offer decorative Epoxy Resin flooring solutions that are perfect for commercial facilities. We recommend you get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to find out what flooring solution would best suit your requirements.

Industrial Sites

We have high quality industrial flooring solutions that are ideally suited to the various service conditions the industrial sector is commonly associated with. We cover every aspect of the application process, from the preparation of flooring to applying the Epoxy surface coating.

Our professional operatives always meet the highest possible standards and will exceed your quality flooring expectations, so it’s no surprise that we have an outstanding reputation among local industries and the local community.

Commercial Facilities

We regularly take on commercial flooring projects of all sizes and work alongside leading manufacturers to guarantee a top quality finish every time. We can adjust our services so that they comply with any demanding business environment; working quickly and efficiently to install high quality flooring solutions that meet your requirements and design preferences.

We take full advantage of the latest flooring techniques to get the best possible results, including diamond grinding to remove old floor paint and applying our specialist epoxy resin quartz screed for a stylish contemporary finish.

Past Projects

Resin FlooringWe’ve taken up numerous projects in the past, including both large and small-scale commercial and industrial projects. The many projects we’ve worked on in the past include everything from high priority airport facilities to hotel canteens. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Gatwick Airport required a deep screed and tiling job in a high priority area with only three days from start to finish. We identified a mixing area before laying 150 square metres of screed in a single day.
  • The Regents Park Hotel in London required the application of a new flooring solution, so we prepared the existing concrete flooring in the pot wash, kitchen and canteen areas before laying high quality Resdev Pumadur WR and Pumadur HF floors.


“Lee came along to quote. He gave the best advice followed by the best price. Fixed the date. Sent along a bunch of ‘Diamond Geezers’. Job done. Looks brilliant.”Eskimo Ice

“I have used these guys many of times, they provide an excellent and professional service. All work has been completed in a timely fashion. Would definitely recommend them.”James Farrell

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For a professional commercial and industrial flooring service that includes everything from full written specifications and expert advice to on site surveys and minimal disruption, contact us today on 01444 405261 and speak to our friendly team.