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Resin flooring have been providing a wide range of flooring and ground works services for over 40 years. In that time we have grown from a small company servicing local Sussex businesses to a much larger operation covering a larger area including the East of England. We also regularly travel to sites right across the UK and Ireland. Specialising in commercial and industrial flooring we have made a name for ourselves by providing top quality work, on time and on budget for a broad range of different industries.

Resin Flooring

The different types of resin flooring we offer means that we are able to provide the right flooring for many different types of client. We can provide Hygienic flooring for the food and catering industry which meets all the health and safety regulations in place in a modern production unit. Slip resistant, as well as chemical and heat resistant resin flooring is required in many different sectors and we are able to provide a number of resin solutions to these specifications. Our epoxy resin flooring can be used in many different situations and for numerous applications.

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Although resin flooring is clearly a major part of what we offer, we are also able to provide a number of associated services. Screeding is an integral part of most flooring installations and Resin Flooring have vast experience in this field, able to provide a cost effective and reliable service. Below many floors lie the ground works, this drainage is key for any factories or production areas that need to wash down or that use fluids on a daily basis. These ground works allow potentially hazardous materials to be washed away safely and also have to be installed correctly to make sure no material is allowed to stagnate and become potentially contaminating. We are often called upon to repair flooring installed by other contractors and companies, this is a service we are happy to offer and can be a very important one for businesses in need of a swift repair prior to investing in a new floor in the coming months. For more information about screeds or ground works the team at Resin Flooring are always happy to help.

Sectors we work in

Due to the wide range of uses for resin flooring we work in a number of different industrial and commercial sectors. This list of commercial and industrial areas continues to grow over the years. We have been working with a number of micro breweries, winerys, dairies and other food and drink producers a great deal over the last few years. The rise of this kind of food and drink production means many companies need to have hygienic flooring, ground works and screeding installed by a reliable and professional company that is able to work with and understand their niche industry. The aerospace industry also use resin flooring in hangers for aircraft and we have been involved in various projects in this sector. We have a lot of experience in the commercial sector providing flooring solutions for large shopping outlets, shops and restaurants.

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If you would like more information about any of the products we supply and install or about the sectors we work in, please get in touch today on 01444 405261 or get in touch via our contact page. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements or organise a quote for a project or ongoing job.